RugBuddy 170w (4'10" x 2'10") Portable under Rug Heater (replaces RugBuddy 165w)

RugBuddy 170w (4'10" x 2'10") under Rug Heater SOLD OUT BACK IN STOCK AUGUST 2019
RugBuddy 170w (4'10" x 2'10") under Rug Heater SOLD OUT BACK IN STOCK AUGUST 2019
Item#: RB170w

Product Description
Plug-in Comfort and Warmth at your feet, over tile, wood and carpeted floors.

The RugBuddy 170W is 34" x 58" and fits snugly under a 3' x 5' area rug.

Perfect for warming up to a 15 ft˛ cold spot in your family room, play rooms, bedrooms, that cold room over your garage, basements, under your desk in your office, and more!

Great for yoga and stretching exercises, too!



4'10" x 2'10"

Power Source:

Plug in to 120V, grounded outlet

Suitable for area up to:

15 ft˛

Energy Usage:

  • 170 watts
  • 1.42 amps
  • 120V

  • Product type: Space Heater
  • Brand: RugBuddy
  • Model number: USRB170w.12.120/USC.165w.11.120 (replaces RB165w, 3 x 5' RugBuddy


  • Lay down nonslip pad
  • Roll out heating panel and flatten
  • Tape down corners and sides
  • Lay down area rug
  • Plug into 3-prong, grounded, 120V outlet.


  • Press top button for (on)
  • Press bottom button for (off)


  • Use a timer to control on/off times automatically
  • Control with a hard-wired thermostat.
  • Leave on as long as you like!


Energy Efficient

  • Lower your thermostat!
  • Only heat the rooms you’re in!
  • Just pennies a day to operate!


  • No risk of fire!
  • No risk of shock!
  • GFCI protected!
  • Waterproof!


  • No EMR!
  • No dust circulation!
  • No Carbon Monoxide!


  • Rolling Office Chairs are OK!
  • Furniture Legs OK!
  • Washable - Even Steam Clean your Carpets!


  • Lay down Non-slip Pad
  • Lay down RugBuddy™
  • Tape down Corners
  • Lay down Area Rug
  • Plug in and Enjoy!

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